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         Toys,, ect


In this option you will find different dolls, bears, etc., De Teddy many are characters from movies or TV

Current and Walt Disney characters, etc.

All with excellent image and all look like new even some of them bring their label Store as some others are battery.


      We are a Spanish company of second hand clothes and used shoes. Our specialty is buying unsorted used clothes from all Europe  and we sort in our company, we offer our classified products of several forms, (mixing different or equal articles) and according to the qualities. Our workers carry out the classified task of manually, rejecting articles no apt for the sale and separating on and off and according to what type of clients goes destined, (man, woman, children, clothes of house…). 

If you would like to know us, don’t doubt in putting yourself in contact with us and we will take care of to them with pleasure, inviting to them to visit our facilities and that can thus know first-hand all our products. 


        We have 15 years experience in selling used and vintage clothing. offer a variety of used clothing for all seasons at the best prices. Clothing comes from the Netherlands, England, from all europe  have the top brands in women's clothing, men, summer and winter, cream quality footwear and children's clothing cream quality. export to Europe, Africa, Latin America. and overwor export all over the world.


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                     USED CLOTHES


Clothing that looks almost like new and of excellent qualityyou have the option of choosing clothes for summer weather, temperate or winter.

Includes; dress shirts and casual shirts Polo type, men's trousers dress and casual cotton tops for ladies of all kinds, skirts of all kinds, a variety of dresses of many types, models, dress, casual, everyday, shorts, shirts, swimsuits, etc. These clothes have good quality brands and even in these clothes will find brands such as Guess, Abercrombie, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Clain, Ann Taylor, La'Coste, etc.



These clothes are the same combination of clothes and brands such as AAA (Premium) quality, with the same strong brands, only has a little more washed, either way you can say that the clothes have a good image and presentation, is clothing that is also selected very thoroughly all to give you a very good quality clothing without any spots or details.

Used clothing A

These clothes are the same combination of casual clothes clothing has AAA (Premium) quality, but with much more use and more AA washed the clothes.

Produt africa

Grade a,b mix ,we have all grade for the market africa and low price we have also   all grade of shoes


*We will supply a variety of all goods

GRADE A = Used clothing in good condition.

GRADE B = Used clothing with minor defects.

Shos and bag 

Shoes, tennis, in pairs for men, women, youth and infants, is footwear that is in excellent condition can say that has very little use and many couples would be completely new. In this range we can send the shoes to be for the climate in which you live or what you need (summer, temperate, etc.) so we will give you a range that can go from closed shoes, boots, tennis mild weather or cold, as we will fill a lighter shoe and sandals, open-toed shoes for tropical weather, summer or playa.En this selection you will find brands very recognized as Bostonian, Giorgio Bruttini, Florsheim, Nike, Puma, New Balance, Nine West, Liz Claiborne, etc.



  This is a variety of bags, wallets for ladies and youth who are in excellent condition and image, even be able to find new bags with labels. They are casual bags and clothing completely current fashion fur and varied materials of well recognized and original brands like Nine West, Liz Claiborne, etc. Inclusive will be able to come sometimes Gucci, Coach, Prada, etc.